47th National Talim and Tarbiyyati Class 2022

By the grace of Allah, 47th National Talim & Tarbiyyati Class, 2022 of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, Bangladesh held successfully starting from 17th June to 26th June, 2022, Alhamdulillah. 10 days long class took place at Darut Tabligh Mosque Bakshibazar, Dhaka. Total of 300 students participated from 61 Majalis, in which Khuddam 98 and Atfal 202. Classes were taken on various topics e.g. the Holy Quran Nazera and memorization, namaz with full meaning, Hadith, Nazm (Urdu and Bengali), Speech (Urdu and Bengali), Urdu learning and Islamic GK. Everyday a special class were taken on life of Badri sahahis (Ra.) as per Huzoor’s (ABA) Friday sermon.

Every evening, special Tarbiyyati sessions were held where many distinguished guests delivered their speeches. Mohtaram Sadr sahib, MKA Bangladesh and Mohtaram National Amir sahib, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamat, Bangladesh also delivered speeches on Tarbiyyati session on different topics.

On Thursday 23rd June, with all the students we went on a day long outing to visit National Zoo at Dhaka.  Students enjoyed the day ling outing very much and special lunch was served.

25 and 26th June two days different Talimi and sports competitions were held. Total of 15 respected Maolana and Murubbi sahiban as teacher took classes during this 10days, Alhamdulillah. All the students were spiritually recharged after 10days class, Alhamdulillah.

26th June evening, class was concluded with prize giving and silent prayers led by Naib National Amir sahib, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamat, Bangladesh.