45th National Taleem & Tarbiyyati class 2019 - Khuddam Bangladesh

৪৫ তম জাতীয় বার্ষিক তালিম ও তরবিয়তী ক্লাস – ২০১৯ (ইংরেজী)

By the grace of Allah, 45 th National Taleem and Tarbiyyati class of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, Bangladesh completed on 19 July 2019 by Prize giving session, Alhamdulillah. Eight day long class started on 12 July with an opening session after Friday prayers. Mohtaram National Ameer Maulana Abdul Awwal Khan Chowdhury sahib was present on the opening session along with Mohtaram Sadr of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Bangladesh Munadil Fahad sahib and Nazem Ala of the Nation Taleem and Tarbiyyati class committee Mahmood Ahmad sahib. Various basic and advanced level classes were taken on Yassarnal Quran, Nazera Quran, Nazm (Urdu and Bengali), Books of Promised Messiah (as), Various ahmadiyya doctrines, namaz with meaning etc. Also there were various sports competition as well. From the class, students got to know Administrative chain of Jamat and Auxiliary organisations, proper manner to write letters to Huzur and during the letter writing session 69 letter written by students of the class, what skills they need to develop to stand out from the competition.

Students visited MTA Bangladesh studio and meet Director and other staff of MTA Bangladesh. There were four Tarbiyyati sessions on Tarbiyyati topics. National Ameer Sahib, Sadr Khuddam, Secretary Tarbiyyat and Secretary Waqfe Nau spoke on those topics. To get to know Bangladesh’s history and culture, the total 179 (103 Atfal and 76 Khuddam from 43 Majalis) students of the class visited the National museum of Bangladesh. One day was reserved for this outdoor learning session. All the class days started with Tahajjud namaz. Last two days of the class had various completions on taught subjects along with final sports events. 11 Murubbi Shilsilah took classes. Eight days long class ended with a prize giving ceremony.